JPR Packaging Company has been a present in the field of corrugations for the past 11 years which was established in June 2008 have already acquired a reputation for fulfilling the commitments both in terms of quality and service.

Mr. B.R. Balasubramanium the proprietor of JPR Packaging, manufacturer heavy duty corrugated boxes, universal type boxes, flexo printing and offset printing boxes, partitions etc.., The company supplies to various customers which include Export Garment, Food Product, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Automobile And Engineering Industries, the company’s major commitment is to provide quality, cost competitively, and meet the delivery time very fast. The determination to meet the needs of future trends in packaging is bound to make it a major player in the packaging industries in the days to come.

During challenging times also, we’ve delivered quickly, competently, from the Mfg facility. We can offer customised solutions to you. Your wishes & ideas need not be fixed by limits.

It doesn’t matter whether you decide for our materials or just provide your own Specs. We can offer technical support for anything related to Packaging & complete your ordered goods as per schedule.

Range of applications is manifold. We supply to the Garment Industry as well as Automotive, Home Appliances to Highly secured Tele industry, FMCG, Food to Desserts – Everyone who require Packaging Solutions are in good hands at JPR Packaging – First class service with professional approach.

We’ve experience of 11+ years. We look forward to exploring business opportunity at your work place. Given an opportunity. we assure you of substantial VALUE ADDTION in terms of packing or saving a Penny. JPR Packaging India has perfected its process to supply high quality packaging solutions on time and with budgets.

We look forward to receive your specification – for us to quote. We are just a phone call away.


Infrastructure Around 20000 sq.ft of factory area Electricity – 50 hp power
Machineries 1. 62” Double profile Corrugation Machine (flutes = B/F, C/F)
2. 52” Double profile Corrugation Machine (flutes = E/F)
3. 4 Color HEIDELBERG SM 102 4P sheet fed,
4. 52” Automatic Cutting Machine
5. 85” Manual Cutting Machine
6. 100” Pasting Machine
7. Pressing Machine
8. 100” Rotary Creasing Machine
9. 100” Slotting Machine
10. 35” X 45” Heavy Duty Punching Machine
11. 52” X 72” Heavy Duty Punching Machine
12. Single Pin – Stitching – 3 Nos
13. RS 4 – Semi auto flexo printing diecutter slotter Size (1800-2400mm) 6000 boxes per hour
14. Semi auto folder gluer.
Labour Manger - 1
Supervisor - 3
Operators - 6
Unskilled workers – 15
Printing In house facility with skilled workers And offset four colors printing at the neighbor door.
Quality control 1. Bursting strength from 8kg/cm to 35kg/cm
2. Compression strength
3.Moisture tests
Tester for testing raw- material and finished goods 100 % checking of raw –material before taken into stock.
Through checking of finished goods both for printing and strength while work in progress and after completion
Transportation Delivery in time is a precious feature of us. Our Our transport facilities includes,
1. Eicher 19 feet – 1 nos
2. Eicher 17 feet – 1 nos
3. Tata ace – 2 no


Our efforts are focused on environment & sustainability.


Our aim is to go beyond compliance and always strive for the highest quality.


Our patented manufacturing technology reduces CO2 considerably